TOKYO AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENT CO., LTD. (TKK Tokyo Koku Keiki) was founded in February 17, 1937 in Kiduki, Kawasaki just after the aviation instruments division was separated from Tokyo Instrument Works (Tokyo Keiki Seisakusho). It’s English business name was appeared as TOKYO AIRCRAFT INST. CO., LTD. in some literature.

After World War II, the Occupation authorities forced TKK to stop the military-related manufacturing under the demilitarization policy in 1945. Following this, manufacturing of various equipment for civil-use including sound projectors with the newStar brand started for a short time.

The Komae Plant
newStar I
newStar brochure cover

NewStar brochure collage

newStar I head (based on ZEISS IKON ERNEMANN V)
newStar SP-1 head and nameplate
newStar SP-1 head and nameplate
newStar II
newStar III


NewStar 8.