Brief Tokiwa facts:

Established in June 1951 as TOKIWA SEIKI CO., LTD. (Tokiwa Seiki Seisakusho) by Shotaro Ishida (a mechanical engineer, War-time tank and airplane designer)
Renamed as TOKIWA CO., LTD. (Kabushiki Kaisha Tokiwa Seiki Seisakusho) in May 1983
T-54 portable is introduced in 1951 (first exported to India)
TSS series are introduced in 1958 (exported to Turkey at the beginning of 70’s)
T-60 portable is introduced in 1960 (exported to Turkey at the beginning of 70’s)
TSR series are introduced in 1975
Cylindrical shutters are replaced by conical ones in 1985
TSR-MARK II is introduced in 1987

The manufacturer discontinued the projector business unfortunately.

Some shots of the TOKIWA PROJECTOR FACTORY in Tokyo (by Erkan Umut)
TOKIWA Factory
A 45° view of the old TOKIWA PROJECTOR FACTORY (Later it was the warehouse of the company, then demolished and it’s a residence now.)

Brief CINEFORWARD facts:

Cinema Service, LTD. (Shinema Sabisu Kabushiki Kaisha) established in October 1965 by Hideo Takahashi (a mechanical engineer, former KOMITZ KOGYO service engineer)
Manufactured projectors under the Royal and CINEMA brand-names
Renamed as NIPPON DENSHI KOGAKU CO., LTD. (Nippon Denshi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha) in October 1981 and manufactured projectors under the FORWARD (later CINEFORWARD) brand-name

The manufacturer went bankrupt in 2012 unfortunately.

Some shots of the NDK FACTORY in Toda, Saitama-pref. (by NDK)

Central_logo  ARCS_logo VICTOR_logo PHOTOPHONE VICTOR_logo

Brief Fuji Central (Hi Central) facts:

After WWII – Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd. was dissolved in 1945. It was divided up into many small companies. One of them, Fuji Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1947.

Japan Victor Co. (JVC) has projector equipment manufactured the Fuji Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (its subcontractor was Hiraoka Kogyo(sho) Co., Ltd.) and SANSHA ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. in 1948. That year, the very first Central projector F-1 was born, and SANSHA released the selenium rectifiers for the F type projectors. Fuji Central F-4 was manufactured in 1950.

The projector line was distributed by TOKYO THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., VICTOR SOUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. (later renamed as VICTOR ARCS CO., LTD.) just after its foundation in March 1960. At that time, the new company is merged with TOKYO THEATRE SUPPLY.

Fuji Precision Machinery has leaved the projectors business around 1960, and manufacturing was continued by Hiraoka Kogyo(sho).

Additional historic information can be found here Fuji Central and NIVICO sound projectors.

The manufacturer doesn’t exist anymore unfortunately.

Some shots from the HIRAOKA KOGYO FACTORY in Hanno, Saitama-pref. (by HK)
Some shots of the HIRAOKA KOGYO FACTORY in Hanno, Saitama-pref. (by HK)