Royal advertisement in 1937 (Company name is written reverse)

Royal “Type L”
Royal Jap manual
Royal manual pages (Photos by Mr. Yuuki Yatomo, Osaka)
Royal Projection Technology Reports

Royal projectors were made by KOMITSU or KOMITZ KOGYO K.K. [KOMITSU or KOMITZ INDUSTRY CO., LTD.] (formerly G.K. KOMITSU KOJO [General Partnership KOMITSU FACTORY]) established by Kumasaburo Hori in 1917.

The semi stationary model is copied by the Chinese Qiang Sheng Film Machinery Factory in 1942 and sold as Luoyalu (Royal). Qiang Sheng means strong sound in Chinese.

It’s the oldest motor-driven projector manufacturer in Japan. The company went down in 1960.