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Central, later Fuji Central and ARCS, is one of the oldest and successful projector brands in Japan. The lamphouses are branded as Hi Central.

Fuji Central is called Fujisen in short in Japan.

The F projector heads, reel boxes, lamphouses and pedestals made by Fuji Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Its subcontractor was Hiraoka Kogyo(sho) Co., Ltd.) and the rectifiers by SANSHA ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. for Japan Victor Co. (JVC). The PG soundheads and magnetic penthouses were supplied by JVC directly until one-piece heads with integrated soundheads are available.

First, they are distributed by TOKYO THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD. later, by VICTOR SOUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. just after merged with TOKYO THEATRE SUPPLY in March 1960, it was a subsidiary of JVC, and later renamed as VICTOR ARCS CO., LTD. They were the distributors of Fuji Central and Hi Central equipment only.

Later on, Hiraoka Kogyo(sho) was the exclusive manufacturer of the projector heads, spool boxes, arms, pedestals and lamphouses, but had the export rights for the lamphouses and pedestals only.

Some projector models are F-1, F-3, F-4, F-5, F-6, F-6C, F-10, F-51, F-60, F-71, F-110, F-120, F-1000 (MKII), F-12000, F-300 series and F-V300 series. F-6 was the best-seller model and a perfect piece of equipment of that time.

The F model head designs are influenced by the AEG Euro-M2 projector. The PG soundheads are based on the RCA PHOTOPHONE designs.

“FRONTIER” V-1000 and V-2000 “ALL JAPAN” models (including PG-1100 sound system) was offered as a completely different design than the F series with integrated soundhead in one-piece projector head, and sold under the VICTOR-CENTRAL, NIVICO, NIVICO CENTRAL, VICTOR and PHOTOPHONE VICTOR (a short time for soundheads) brands by JVC directly.

“FRONTIER” “ALL JAPAN” models are based on the RCA designs.

Under the NIVICO brand, JVC was manufactured TV projectors for broadcasting stations as well.

NIVICO stands for NIppon VIctor COmpany.

Unfortunately, the projector manufacture is discontinued some years ago.

Fuji Central F-6C
Fuji Central F-6C with the VICTOR 4-track magnetic penthouse and heavy-duty P-2 pedestal
Fuji Central F-6 head
Fuji Central F-6 projector head only

Fuji Central F complete

Fuji Central F

Fuji Central F-3 (1955) nameplate
Fuji Central F-3 nameplate (1955)
Fuji Central F-4 nameplate (December 1951)
Fuji Central F-71 nameplate, a very rare one showing the two companies together despite the Fuji Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has leaved the projector business in 1960  (September 1962)
Fuji Central F-71 (FEB) nameplate
Fuji Central F-71 nameplate

NIVICO, Fuji Central F-60
NIVICO, Fuji Central F-110 with magnetic sound penthouse and Hi Central HX-6000 Xenon lamphouse [1965]
Ditto – The 35/70mm version is available.
Fuji Central F-110 head
NIVICO, Fuji Central F-110 head
NIVICO, Fuji Central F-110 head (covers opened)
Fuji Central F-110
NIVICO, Fuji Central F-110

F-110 Specifications

Power Source
Line Voltage: 100 V for Projector/Soundhead  100/117 V for Sound System 180/220 V, for Arc Rectifier
Frequency: 50/60Hz (c/s)
Power Required: 300 VA for Projector/Soundhead 150/1000 VA for Sound System 6.5 KVA for Arc Rectifier
Use: 35 mm
Projection Lens Holder Inner-diameter: 72 mm
Cooling Device: Water/Forced Air
Shutter: Conical, 2 Sectors
Magazine Capacity: 6000 ft max.
Lubrication: Automatic
Sound Mechanism
Soundhead: Optical /Magnetic
Exciter lamp: 6V, 1A, DC
Photo Detector: Solar Cell
Drive Motor: Induction/Synchronous Type, 0.2 KVA/HP
Max. Power-output Undistorted: 30/60 W ea x 1/4
Type and Numbers of Tubes/Solid State Used: 42/125
Speaker System
Woofer Driver Unit: PM 30/40cm Dia. x 2/6,
Tweeter Driver Unit: PM, Plastic
Baffles: For Woofer – 711/851(H) x 1530/2130(W) x 920/ 1100(D) cm For Tweeter – Metallic Opening 11 (H) x 32.5 (W) x 30 (D) cm
Cross-over Frequency: 1000 Hz (c/s)
Arc Lamphouse: Xenon
Xenon Lamp Used: Max. Ratings – 4KW, 33V, 120A Operating Position – Vertical/Horizontal
Remote Control: Yes
Physical Dimensions of Projector Installed: 1000 (H) x 2000 (W) x 2000 (D) cm
Weight of Projectors Assembled, excluding Amplifiers and Speakers: 540 kg

NIVICO, Fuji Central F-120 [1976]
NIVICO, Fuji Central F-120 head
Fuji Central F-1000 with Hi Central HX-6100 Xenon lamphouse

F-1000 Specifications

Electric power requirement: Single phase 100, 120, 220, 240Volt 50-60 Hz
Drive motor: ¼HP induction drive motor, a synchronous is also acceptable in 3-phase
Cooling: Nature air cooling
Optical axis height: 1,220mm adjustable within 20mm
Tilting adjustment: 8 degree upward, 15 degree downward variable
Film capacity: 3000 feet (900 meter long) up to 12,000 feet
Light source: Horizontal short Arc Xenon lamp or Arc carbon rod
Film take-up mechanism: Friction clutch by felt
Change-over: Built in an automatic change-over circuit & blade for Light & Sound by proximity switch
Film speed: 24-frame per second
Starting time: Within 5 second or less
Film stability: Less than 1.5 mm/ 1,000mm vertical & horizontal
Framing: Adjustable both from operating side, within ½ frame
Focusing: Fine adjustment, Micro drive
Lens holder: 72mm diameter & a swing-away type Anamorphic lens-holder is provided
Exciter lamp: 6V-1 A and an extra, reversible
Photo transistor: Silicon PN cell pick-up element
Output impedance: 600 ohm unbalanced
Output level: More than -50dB at 1000Hz by APFA test film
Frequency response: -10dB at 10,000 Hz to 1 ,000 Hz
Signal-to- Noise ratio: More than 45dB at 1,000 Hz
Wow & Flutter: Within 0.3% r.m.s.
Circumstance in booth: 0 degree to 40 degree in Centigrade
Net weight: 180kg (400lbs) per unit

Fuji Central F-12000AR (12.000 ft capacity)
Fuji Central F-V300
Fuji Central F-V300PTH 16/35mm

F-V300PTH utilizes EIKI EX-6100 16mm projector head.

Fuji Central F-V300 head (Please notice that the latest heads have control windows)

Mami Kanda @ Cine Café Soto
Mami Kanda at Cine Café Soto in Tokyo (Photo by Ryo Ishikawa)
Fuji Central F-V300AR head
Various views of the Fuji Central F-V300AR head
Fuji Central F-V300AR threading
Fuji Central F-V300AR threading
Fuji Central P-V300 system (F-V300 head and HX-V20 lamphouse)

F-V300 Specifications

35 mm optical sound projector, 3000’/6000′ reel capacity, 3 lens turret, manual/motorized, automatic oil lubrication, forced air cooling

Power Supply
Line Voltage (s): 100/220 V for Projector/Soundhead
100 V for Sound System
220/400 V, 3Ø for Arc Rectifier(s)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz (c/s)
Power Consumption: 400 VA for Projectors/Soundheads
240 VA for Sound system
8.4 KVA for Arc Rectifier(s)
Film Format: 35 mm
Projection Lens Holder Inner-diameter: 72.0 (70.6) mm, Rotary 3 lens turret
Cooling Device: Water/Forced Air
Shutter: Conical, 2 Sectors
Magazine Capacity: 1,800 m max.
Lubrication: Automatic
Sound Mechanism
Soundhead: Optical/Magnetic
Exciter Lamp: 10 V, 5 A, DC
Photo Detector: SOLAR-CELL
Drive Motor: Induction Type, 0.2 kVA/HP
Max. Power-output Undistorted: 120 W ea.
Speaker System
Woofer Drive Unit(s): PM, 38 cm Dia. X 1, or 2
Tweeter Drive Unit(s): PM, 60 mm Diaphragm, Metallic
Baffles: For Woofer-110(H) X 76.2(W) X 60(D) cm
For Tweeter- Metallic;
Opening 32.7 (H) X 72.8(W) X 66.5(D) cm
Cross-over Frequency: 500 Hz (c/s)
Arc Lamphouse: Xenon
Main Reflector: 280 mm Ø F2.2
Max. Arc Current: 80 A, DC 30 V
Cooling: Forced Air
Xenon Lamp Used: Max. Ratings-5 kW, 31 V, 160 A
Operating Position- Horizontal
Remote Control: Yes
Physical Dimensions of Projector Installed: 220(H) X 74(W) X 160(D) cm
Weight of projectors Assembled, excluding Amplifiers and Speakers: 770 kg/set

NIVICO “FRONTIER” VICTOR V-2000 “ALL JAPAN” with integrated soundhead
Victor V-2000
NIVICO “FRONTIER” VICTOR V-2000 “ALL JAPAN” with integrated soundhead and magnetic penthouse
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