Tokiwa Seiki TSS (1958)
Tokiwa TSS-X
Tokiwa TSS projection and soundhead

TSS 35mm Sound Projector is well designed with various merits after making improvement by long experience and is surely effective for perfect projection.


(1) The head machine of this TSS 35mm Sound Projector is fully covered and is dust-proofed by which it is always kept clean from the splash or leakage of oil. The lubricating oil in the bottom reservoir is automatically circulated as soon as the machine starts, through all the revolving parts of the head machine by gear pump.

(2) The transmission mechanism is made by well selected steel after proper heat treatment and precise works. Thus, together with the above automatic oil supply device, the long life and noiseless operation are guaranteed.

(3) The aperture gate slides forward and backward horizontally by specially designed mechanism. By pulling the knob, the gate opens automatically and it is not necessary to move projection lens while threading the film.

(4) The aperture frame is water cooled to protect the films from overheating. It has a separate aperture mask and a plate. The aperture mask can be inserted or fixed easily and speedily. Framing can be made easily by framing lamp (pilot lamp).

(5) The intermittent device, which is the most important part of the projector, is made with well selected material, by our precise works and careful inspection.

(6) The knob for framing device is well arranged to handle easily and for smooth movement.

(7) The speed of connection shaft (to connect with the Soundhead) is 360 rpm (The same rpm as 16 teeth constant speed sprocket).


(1) By the rotary oil damped stabilizer of TSS Optical Soundhead, it prevents from minute tremor, it keeps the film speed constantly and also it avoids sound flutter entirely.

(2) Drive motor is Induction motor in vibration proof type and is connected directly with the soundhead mechanism by the flexible coupling.

(3) Exciter lamp holder is double system which enables the replacement of lamp speedily whenever it is broken.

(4) Silicon photo diode is used instead of photo electric cell which guarantee the longer life and superior special features.

TSS Specifications


Type: Fully enclosed
Lubrication: Self-automatic
Shutter: Cylindrical
Cooling system: Water
Framing: Intermittent
Magazine: 3,000FT or 6,000FT
Reel: Wire
Sprocket: Upper-32 teeth, Lower-32 teeth, Intermittent-16 teeth
Net weight: 104kg


Type: Rotary oil damped stabilizer
Motor: 200W, Vibration proof type Induction motor, Direct coupled
Exciter lamp holder: Double system 10V-5A
Photo detector: Silicon photo diode
Sprocket: Constant speed-16 teeth, Take-up-16 teeth
Tension pad roller: Rubber
Wow and flutter: Less than 0.2%
Net weight: 94kg

Since the earlier model TS was introduced in 1958, TSS was the first important attempt from TOKIWA SEIKI for stationary projectors.

SOS/Tokiwa TOP Interlock model sold by SOS Photo-Cine-Optics, Inc., New York
TOSHIBA PHOTO PHONE TPS-1000 PHIREX (OEM TSS head & spool boxes) seen here with TP-30 soundhead (Nichion-based), Mazda TP-92HD 2kW Xenon lamphouse and TP pedestal (Nichion-based)

The TSR head (below) is based on this enclosed one with covers removed and individual projector/soundheads are unified.

Tokiwa TSR-6000B & TSR-6000A
(B type, above) 16-35mm double-format, uses ELMO 16mm head
(A type) has rewinding capability

TOKIWA CO., LTD. never made lamphouses. So, on the Tokiwa pictures you see lamphouses made by USHIO U-TECH, INC.

USHIO U-TECH, INC., later XEBEX, INC., and TOSHIBA DENKO CO., LTD. distributed the Tokiwa TSR line under their names (OEM).

USHIO U-TECH and XEBEX used the XP model prefixes on the projectors and the XEBEX name on the lamphouses while TOSHIBA DENKO used the TP and later TD model prefixes on the projectors, the Mazda (export) and TOSHIBA DENKO (domestic) names on the lamphouses.

TSR Specifications

Type: Cover less, Open type, One Piece Construction
Lubrication: Automatic Circulation
Shutter: Cylindrical, later models Conical
Cooling: Water & Air Cooling
Framing: Intermittent, Interlock by Framing Knob
Motor: 200W vibration proof type, induction
Film Gate: Straight, Parallel Removing
Film Speed: 24fps
Lens Holder: 3-Turret or 2-Auto Turret (Automatic lens change available as option)
Anamorphic lens Holder: Rotary
Sound System: Optical Sound Reproduction, Magnetic Sound Reproduction (Option)
Optical sound: Rotary stabilizer
Exciter lamp: 10V – 5A Dual System
Photo Pick-up: Solar Cell
Wow Flutter: Less than 0.2%
Slit Lens: D type