Some parts of the Tokiwa TSR projector head (around the 80’s)

1. Cast (main frame)
2. Framing knob or handle
3. Framing lever
4. Oil pipe
5. Vertical shaft (gear train) bearing
6. Intermittent (Maltese cross, Geneva) mechanism
7. V-belt for motor transmission
8. Transmission gear (cog)
9. Drive gear
10. Framing compensation gear (rack)
11. Exciter lamp housing
12. Oil gauge display
13. Take-up roller
14. Intermittent sprocket (16-z) pad rollers
15. Lower sprocket (32-z) pressure pad
16. Film trap pressure adjustment springs
17. Soundhead section of main frame
18. Motor inching knob
19. 3-lens manual turret
20. Anamorphic lens holder
21. Lens focusing knob
22. Lens housing (separate from lens and mount)
23. Film gate releasing knob
24. Film trap
25. Shutter housing and window
26. Upper sprocket (32-z)

Tokiwa TSR mechanism with LP Assoc.'es console
Tokiwa TSR head-mechanism is seen with Xenon console mfg. by the L.P. Associates, Inc. (Tokiwa U.S. distributor).

Above photos are courtesy of my friend Patrick Walsh, Rangiora, New Zealand.