CINEFORWARD FC-20 heads have a space-saving motor arrangement, and a small framing knob under the lens turret.

CINEFORWARD FC-SD-6A (6000ft, rewinding capability)

Manufacturer’s statement:

CINEFORWARD has over 40 years experience in the field of PROJECTORS and has been keeping the technical basis while always introducing the most up-to-date technology.

FC-20 adapts the highest technology.

FC-20 established the reliability of its structure and mechanism and the safety of operation while developing CINEFORWARD FC-20. In the intermittent device compartment of main mechanism, as well as in the part of high-speed rotating shutter, lubrication is OIL-BATH-SYSTEM, and film running parts are made of high precision bearing metal, and for its synchronized movement, roller-chain driving method is applied. The synchronized belt of motor will prevent “RUNNING SHOCK” from the movement. Also designed with sturdy and compact structure.

The shutter is the conical type for brightness and clearness, and the aperture mechanism is compulsorily air-cooled. The gate door opens with wide-angle, and the sound device has a soft-loop method, being considered for reproducing high fidelity sound.


Type: Oil bath, Mechanical one-body type lubrication system
Aperture mask: Lateral insertion
Film trap: Parallel remove opening method, Door type (open/close)
Film skate: Single separate type for eliminating film flapping
Cooling method: Fan motor
Shutter: Conical
Anamorphic lens holder: Individual rotating system
Lens holder: Individual rack-and-pinion adjustment system FC-20 for single, FC-20T for 2 or 3-lens turret, Minimal adjustment system in screwed mechanism
Framing: By knob operation, Individual rotation system
Driving motor: Forward rotation, 200W induction, 110VAC/220V
Starting time: Within 3sec.
Momentum rotating time: Over 3sec. after projector power is off
Film speed: Forward 24fps, reverse 24-30fps
Screen tolerance: 2mm-V, 1.5mm-H for screen width 1000mm
Safety device: Sensor for vertical tear and cut of film (optional)
Sound system: Optical or Laser sound reproduction system, Magnetic sound reproduction system (optional)
Slit lens: RCA type
Exciter Lamp: 10V 5A
Reproduction input: Solar cell or stereo solar cell, Laser analog or digital exciter system
Corresponding digital types: DTS, SRD & SDDS
Film rewinding system: Torque motor & gear drive system
Rewinding: Belt friction
Power Supply for projection light source: Switching regulator