CINEFORWARD gear train system is very modern and unique. In the classical gear trains of other makes there are gear connections only, but the CINEFORWARD system uses partly gear and roller chain-driven connections for best synchronization.

Latest head, CINEFORWARD FX5570

FX-5000 Specifications

Type: Automatic lubrication and mechanical one body
Aperture mask: Horizontal input, automatic exchange
Film trap: Parallel opening type
Film skating: Jitter prevention separation
Shutter: Conical
Film winding: Torque motor gear drive
Anamorphic lens holder: Single automatic operation rotating type
Lens holder: Automatic slithered type
Framing: Single and automatic rotating type
Screen unsteadiness: Vertical/horizontal within 2mm (up to horizontal side 1000m/m)
Starting time: Within 3sec.
Inertia rotation time: More than 3seconds after power off
Projector motor: Forward/reverse, Induction, 200W (100V or 200V)
Winding motor: Torque for forward and reverse (120W)
Reel capacity: 3000ft〜12000ft
Reel axis: φ12.7mm
Winding Mechanism: Single winding
Optical sound type: Soft loop type
Analog sound type: Laser exciter system
SRD reader: Cyan LED reader, Analog LED (standard)
Sound input: Stereo solar cell
Wow & flutter: Within 0.2%rms
Film speed: Forward 24fps (changeable)
Safety device: Film breaking & vertical damaging sensor (standard)
Cooling device: Fan motor
Available sound readers: DTS, SRD and SDDS
Power supply for light source: Switching regulator

An early enclosed type CINEFORWARD FC-10 head
CINEFORWARD FC-10 (above) & FCT-10 (below) heads [Conventional opening film trap, single lens holder and manual 3-lens turret]
CINEFORWARD FC-10 (above) & FCT-10 (below) heads
Ditto – Conventional opening film trap, single lens holder and manual 3-lens turret
CINEFORWARD FPD-1 console-ready head

CINEFORWARD heads adapt parallel removing film trap and 3-lens turret for all models recently.

VICTORY VR-10 SERIES 5 35mm head in Thailand (made by KING LIGHT & SOUND LTD., Bangkok)

KING LIGHT & SOUND LTD., Bangkok was made some CINEFORWARD models under the Victory brand. Mainly the most important assemblies like Geneva mechanisms were imported from Japan and the rest were made in Thailand.

CINEFORWARD FD-A 16mm-35mm, uses ELMO 16mm head
CINEFORWARD FX-3000FA Full automatic
Later configuration, CINEFORWARD FX-3000CA IV Full automatic