EIKI Factory, Osaka (1)
EIKI factory in the 70’s in Osaka
EIKI Factory, Osaka inside
Testing and assembling the projectors at the EIKI factory in the 70’s in Osaka
EIKI Factory, Osaka (2)
EIKI factory in the 90’s in Osaka (view of the annex side)

EIKI was founded in 1953 in Osaka by M. Matsuura, S. Yagi, K. Sekino and Y. Minagawa. The focus of the company was manufacturing equipment for classroom AV needs and later on, the company focused more on manufacturing 16mm projectors.

EIKI had manufactured 8mm projectors for a short time in the past, but never attempted to offer 35mm projectors, instead of this, it had tried to market Tokiwa 35mm portables.

EIKI had a vast variety of model availability in 16mm projectors among the other Japanese manufacturers.

Most models are re-branded as elf in the UK, INTERNATIONAL and BELL+HOWELL in the U.S., as well as HANIMEX EIKI in Australia.

EIKI leaflet cover
EIKI PROJECTOR GUIDE cover showing the EikiSound 650 model
EIKI ST-M nameplate
EIKI ST/M nameplate


EIKI N Series
EIKI N Series
A self-threader EIKI NT
EIKI ESL & SSL SLIM LINE “Slot Loads” (E with push button S with switch)
EIKI ENT & SNT SLIM LINE "Self Threaders" (E with push button S with switch)
EIKI ENT & SNT SLIM LINE “Self Threaders” (E with push button S with switch)
EIKI push button
“E” model push buttons
EIKI EX-1510
EIKI EX-1510 (Xenon)
EIKI EX-2000
EIKI EX-2000 (Xenon)
EIKI PRO-1610 (Xenon)
EIKI EX-2000A (Xenon)
EIKI EX-4000P [utilizing the pull-down claw]

A unique attempt in Japanese 16mm projectors – Pin Cylinder Intermittent Pull Down System

utilized in EX-4130PC and PRO-1600

Originally it was developed by PHILIPS ELA Cinema Dept.

PHILIPS Pin Cylinder
The original PHILIPS Pin Cylinder

The precision made EIKI Intermittent Pin Cylinder System assures ultimate safety to the film, provides quiet, rock steady pictures, as steady as the well-known Geneva (Maltese cross) movement favored by professionals. Yet, unlike the Maltese cross projectors, the EIKI Pin Cylinder System does not decrease the picture brightness when compared toothed conventional cam claw pull down system. The pin cylinder mechanism consists of a 10-tooth drive sprocket where 5 frames of film are always engaged for smooth steady film handling, even with damaged or poorly spliced films. The 10-tooth intermittent drive sprocket is precisely advanced 24 fps by a pinion gear which drives a 10-pin cylinder wheel providing the intermittent motion. For high reliability and long service the entire mechanism operates in a sealed oil bath.


EX-4130PC Specifications

Power Requirement: Universal voltage from 100 to 240V AC 50 or 60Hz
Power Consumption: 1.4 KVA
Projection Lamp: 550W Ozone-Free Xenon Lamp, 6000˚K
Brightness: 2200 lumens typical (± 10%)
Brightness Control: Available by the current adjuster
Exciter Lamp: Type BRK/4V 0.75A
Projection Lens: 50mm (2″) F1.2, 6-element, coated, 160 lines per mm (center) resolution standard (other optional lenses available)
Anamorphic (Cinemascope) Lens Bracket: “D” (Ø52mm) size bracket as standard attachment (“C” Ø43mm size available, option) Swing-away design and adjustable extension
Motors: Induction type, ball bearing main drive motor as standard (Synchronous drive motor available, option) Rewind and Take-Up torque motor. Rectifier cooling fan motor
Film Speed: 24FPS sound speed standard (18FPS silent speed optional)
Shutter: 2 blade standard (3 blade optional)
Reel Capacity: 2000ft (600m) standard reel supplied with projector Max. up to 2400ft (720m)
Film Threading: Manual threading, 3 sprockets drive
Film Trial Advance: Available by momentary push button switch
Film Transport: 10 tooth Intermittent Sprocket Pin-Cylinder system
Rewind: High speed reel to reel without reel change
Function Control: Illuminated push button logic control switches for Power, Forward, Lamp, Sound/Douser, and Rewind
Pause Control: Easy to use clutch lever
Framing Control: Framing Lever
Douser: Electrically activated with picture and sound control
Picture Steadiness: Vertical jitter less than 0.225% Horizontal weave less than 0.2%
Amplifier: Solid State plug-in module, 50W RMS into 8 ohm load, 600 ohm (+10 ~ -20db) balanced AUX. line output, with 3 conductor 6.4mm (1/4″) phone jack
Frequency Response: Opt. 50 – 7000 Hz/Mag. 50 – 12000 Hz typical
Microphone Input: Built-in P.A. function with optional Microphone, 600 ohm or higher, 10mv Max. input level
Tone Controls: Individual Bass and Treble controls
Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.2% WRMS
Elevation: ±10° Max. from horizontal
Remote Control: Available for functions Power, Forward, Lamp, and Sound/Douser, optional
Changeover: Available, optional
Operating Temperature & Humidity: +5˚C to +40°C, 20% to 80% RH
Net Weight: Projector 24.15kgs (53.24 lbs)/Power Supply 10.4kgs (22.93 lbs)
Shipping Weight: 41kgs (90.39 lbs) packed in one carton
Dimensions (L) (W) (H)
(Projector): 470 x 220 x 350 mm 18.5 x 8.66 x 13.8 inches
(Power Supply): 470 x 225 x 108 mm 18.5 x 8.86 x 4.25 inches
Shipping Volume: 0.1663M3

EIKI PRO-1600 (Xenon) [Pin Cylinder]
PRO-1600 intermittent sprocket
PRO-1600 intermittent sprocket
EIKI EX-6000
EIKI EX-6000

EIKI EX-6100M (EX-6120) is one of the stationary type 16mm projector models having the Maltese cross. EX-9100M (EX-9120) has only more lumen output as difference. These are the unique projectors utilizing the Geneva movement.

There are the pull-down claw versions of the same type.

EX-6100M (EX-6120)

A. Xenon lamphouse
B. REWIND button
D. AUTO button
E. CHANGEOVER control display
F. Sound control panel
G. Pedestal
H. Reel capacity selector
J. End of film sensor
K. Tension arm
L. Reel spindle lock nut

EX-6100 [utilizing the pull-down claw]

EX-6100 (EX-6120)/EX-9100 (EX-9120) Specifications

Power Requirements:
EX-6100: 100, 115, 220 or 240 Volt AC (Universal Voltage)
EX-6120: Single Phase 50 or 60Hz, 100-120V 23 Amps, 200-240 Volts 12 Amps
EX-9100: 200V/220V 50/60Hz Single Phase, 200-240 Volts 22 Amps
EX-6100 SERIES: UXL-10SAZ, 1000 Watt Ozone free Xenon Lamp
EX-9100 SERIES: UXL-2000HE, 2000 Watt Ozone free Xenon Lamp
EX-6100 SERIES: 3500 to 4000 Lumens Typical, EX-6100M (EX-6120) 3000 to 3500 Lumens Typical
EX-9100 SERIES: 4700 to 5200 Lumens Typical, EX-9100M (EX-9120) 4000 Lumens Typical
Exciter Lamp: 4 Volt. 0.75 Amps (Type BRK)
Standard Lens: 50mm (2″) f1.2, 6 element coated center resolution in excess of 160 line/mm
Anamorphic Lens Holder: “D” size Ø52mm Standard, optional “C” size Ø43mm
Douser: Electrically operated
Shutter: 2-Blade standard, or Geneva movement. (Maltese cross)
Main Drive Motor: Induction type with capacitor, optional synchronous motor
Lamp Cooling Motor: Induction type, squirrel cage fan motor
Take-up Motor: Torque motor with magnetic brakes
Rewind & Supply Motor: High speed torque motor with magnetic brakes
Film Speed: 24FPS sound 50/60Hz, (18FPS optional)
Loop Restorer: Automatic
Function controls: Momentary push button. Auto, Forward, Lamp, Rewind, Reverse. (Reverse not Available on EX-6100M/9100M (EX-6120/EX-9120)
Threading: Manual three sprocket drive system
Rewind: High speed, Approx. 6,000 ft. in 5 min.
Reel Capacity: 60cm (24″) maximum
Sound Track: Optical and magnetic playback
Monitor: 15cm (6″) speaker with separate volume control
Amplifier: Solid state 50 watts RMS plug-in type module, with separate volume, bass and treble controls
Audio Inputs: Miniature jacks for high microphone and phono inputs with separate level controls
Speaker Outputs: 8 ohms ¼” phone jack
Line Output: 600 ohm balanced, with adjustable level. ¼” 3 conductor phone jack
Wow & Flutter: Better than .2% weighted average
Picture Stability: Less than 0.225% vertical jitters, Less than 0.2% horizontal weaves
Change-Over system: Built in, with accessory cable available
Remote Control: Built in, with accessory control available.